Czech Romanov sheep breeders club

Welcome at webside of Czech Romanov sheep breeders club

Romanov sheep is one of main sheep breeds in Czech Republic. There is about 1500 controlled ewes of this breed , so it looks like one of biggest active populations in the world. These ewes are controlled for fertility (national average is about 250 %) and daily gain of lambs (about 200g/day). Rams are scored for exterier too. All Czech Romanov rams and ewes are polled.

Best herds are able to have 300 % fertility (3 lambs per ewe) and 300 g daily gain. There is no problem to have lambs two times per year, because this is really very fertile breed of sheep. Quadruplets are normal performance for a Romanov ewe.

Romanov sheep is well suited for crossing with meat breeds (like Suffolk, Texel, Charollais, Oxford Down, ..) in maternal position.

If you will be interested in this breed, do not hesitate and contact us. We can offer you high quality purebred rams and ewes. All animals are subjected to the health conditions of EU. Czech Republic it the leader for Romanov genetics.

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